Catching up with moths

In this end-of-year post, Nick Pratt takes a meandering look at the world of moths and uses it to comment on the strange notion of ‘catch-up’ and mental health in post-pandemic schooling.

PhD projects in the Plymouth Institute of Education

To coincide with the advertising of several new funded Doctoral Teaching Assistant posts in the Faculty, some of our current PhD students, each at different stages in their research, share what they are doing.

Liz Done: Re-thinking inclusive education

Liz Done (re)examines inclusive education and practices, such as ‘off rolling’, that, she claims, become inevitable in a marketised, results-driven school system.

Social Mobility: A Smokescreen for Stasis?

Professor Jocey Quinn challenges the apparently uncontentious notion of social mobility suggesting that it changes life for a small ‘talented’ minority but leaves the status quo unchanged. She suggests ‘future mutabilities’ as an alternative way in which we might think.

Eleanor Bram: The Wise (White) Men Respond

Eleanor Bram, one of our MAEd students, stands up for the Wise Men of educational theory in a rejoiner to the last post on this Blog. She explains what they might offer theoretically and how they contributed to her dissertation on Inquiry-based Approaches to learning mathematics.

Learning theory: Beyond the Three Wise (White) Men

Last summer members of PIoE staff marked hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate assignments dealing with educational theory in one form or another. But to whom did students refer? Which theorists featured large? Here members of staff share their favourite alternatives to the ‘Three Wise (White) Men’

Peter Kelly: Rethinking evidence-informed teaching

How can educators use research in their work? What effect does it have on public trust? And how can they be accountable whilst still working in ways which recognise the ‘art’ of teaching? Peter Kelly discusses what Covid19 might teach us about the relationship between the science and the art of teaching and public trust in schools.